CaseApp are a Swedish brand who offer custom designs and quality printing of phone skins and cases. Particularly, they offer the opportunity to design you own personalised iPhone case or personalised laptop case.

There are preset designs for iPhones too, if you just want to browse. But in my case, I own a Samsung S8, so took the opportunity to design my own.

Firstly, I opted for a hard case with a gloss look*. Using my blog header and a simple white background – perfect for blog events. It fits really well onto the phone, protecting with a slim fit. It’s easy enough to remove, but doesn’t fall off when dropped (this was accidental and not a planned part of the test!)

Next, I really wanted something with my initials on. I love jades and turquoise hues, so I combined these with a marble effect. Then, I using the customising features, I selected the heart clipart, font and size of my lettering. This time, I went for a matte hard case.

The cases arrived really quickly and the printing is of a really high quality. I like that I can protect my phone without adding weight or bulk to it.

If you’d like to customise your own case, use my code for 20% off: VOLUBLEBLOGGER20 CaseApp

*Collaboration with CaseApp

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