Dating Confidence


It’s been a strange year for most people around the world. It has been isolating and often lonely. One of the groups that has suffered this, is the singletons – those who have had to put their dating lives on hold. Even those using online apps, have had little to talk about and limited dating opportunities.

Now that rules are lifting, it’s an exciting time for many singles out there. We’re all doing more, able to move about more freely and meet up in doors. It’s much easier to make a connection when you know it can move somewhere past a screen.

Knowing what you want and having the confidence to go for it is motivational. I think we can all admit that a compliment boosts our mood and having the attention of another with the hope of something more, is empowering.

However, signing up can be intimidating, especially as we haven’t been able to get back out there safely for a while.

Confidence starts with you, here are my top tips to help feel empowered whilst dating:

  • Light a candle and relax.
  • Log your thoughts and feelings in a wellness journal – know what you want.
  • Set goals and steps to achieve them.
  • Be brave, share those photos!
  • Stay safe and get back out there.
  • Have positive prints on show – read it, feel it, live it.
  • Have a good night’s sleep, especially before a big date!
  • Pick a familiar venue for your first date, that way you’re more comfortable in your surroundings.

I met my boyfriend online, it was the only space I could meet men (as I worked with zero!) and I generally wasn’t able to find ‘my type’ on nights out.  Online dating profiles help you to match more successfully to a more promising date.

Like my blog, I didn’t always feel comfortable revealing my photo identity on dating apps. Yes, this was initially due to lack of confidence and work restraints, but, this was also empowering. I got to choose who I spoke to and who I revealed my photo to. I was able to be confident on my own terms as I had to make the first move (mostly!). Some people find confidence in other ways, perhaps you’ve thought about being a little braver in the bedroom. Subsanddoms and mybdsmhookups are dating sites where you can meet like minded individuals, empower yourself and bring out that inner confidence. Perhaps even try something new!

Looking back, I’d definitely share my photo now. I’m more confident about my wants, wishes and what I have to give. I’m less worried about what I look like or what people will think if they saw my profile! But it’s important to be comfortable in yourself first and move at your own pace. Do what makes you feel comfortable, confident and empowered.

 “A girl should be two things; who and what she wants” – Raging Ventures

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