By Beauty Bay Palette Review

In 2018, Beauty Bay released ‘By Beauty Bay‘ – their own range of palettes and beauty items.

They released forty-two-colour eyeshadow palettes, with six step-by-step looks and what’s more, they’re all vegan friendly and PETA certified cruelty free.

Straight away there was a buzz for these products. For 42 shades, they were so affordable and the pigmentation was good for the price range.

Firstly, I started with the Origin palette;

Origin has a combination of matte, metallic, and duo-chrome shades. It’s a warm toned palette, with lots of neutral colours for both day and night. The fall out was minimal and the pigmentation really good.

But, what I like best about By Beauty Bay’s palettes is that they are organised in a ‘step by step’ format. Each row is labeled in order of application. Their website also gives further guides of where to apply.

In additon, each palette includes a huge mirror in the lid!

Next, I purchased the limited edition ‘Going Out Out’ palette. This has the same ‘buttery’ texture in it’s formula.

Similarly, this contained 42 shades, but 33 of them were metallics. This was a good palette if you were just beginning to experiment with bolder colours. I particularly liked the duo chrome shades in this palette, because you coloud use them on their own, or layer on top of the others to create new shades.

By Beauty Bay has been extremely successful due to it’s quality and affordability. They’ve now expanded out from palettes to also include skin care, brushes, eyeliners and most recently, lipglosses. You can shop them all here, plus, it’s free delivery over £20!

It just so happened, that after schedualling this post, Beauty Bay announced their latest Collab with one of my favourite YouTubers! NIKKIETUTORIALS X BEAUTY BAY PRESSED PIGMENT PALETTE I must have you!

Read all about the Urban Decay Honey palette here!

Or, Feliccine’s blog all about affordable beauty brand, Milani.


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