Holiday Beauty Essentials

Now, when we pack for our holidays, we all know to include suncream and a hat right? But down-sizing your beauty and makeup collection can be difficult. If you’re after skincare and toiletry tips check out my review of Caudalie Travel Set.

Thanks to I’ve selected some key makeup and beauty items that you should pack for any destination.


First up, is actually a product you need to use before going away. I appreciate this contradicts the purpose of the post, but bare with me. Eylure have an affordable home henna dye kit for your brows – ‘Dybrow’. I opted for black, but I have dark brows anyway, so I was skeptical if this would work – but boy does it! It recommends 2-3 minutes but no more than 5 for a darker effect. I chanced 3 minutes and the results were instant. My eyebrows were a darker shade and they looked professionally done. This meant I didn’t have to take any brow products away with me, saving space in my case.  Unlike other brands, it doesn’t recommend use on your eyelashes, but this is where false lashes come in. Perfect for both day and night wear. Take them out of the box for travel to save space.


Regardless of temperature, you need a foundation that’s not too heavy but does provide you some coverage. Walking around on a city break, or lounging by the pool presents the same problems for me. My redskin is at it’s worst and I simple cant leave it uncovered. But, taking liquids on a plane can be a problem. So, I opted for this Max Factor FaceFinity Foundation Compact. It applies like a powder and a cream in one and comes with an application sponge. No extra brushes needed, no bottles or powders.


If you do suffer with acne, rosacea or harsh blemishes, then this full coverage Camouflage Cream from Keromask, may be a better option for you. It’s quite a thick formula, but this helps to really cover any issues. Especially, if you’re out all day without a chance to top up, this will last you. I chose shade Light 11, which is still quite dark.


However, sometimes I do need to top up those trickier spots, or, if I don’t want to wear foundation in the day, I need a good concealer. Most people won’t need  colour corrector, but I swear by them! This green from L.A. Girl, Pro.Conceal is so convenient with it’s brush tip. It’s also one of the cheapest concealers I’ve found.

I inadvertently chose a matching nail colour! This Jessica polish was on sale for only 50p! It’s a fun colour, perfect for both toes and nails. It needed three coats, but lasted seven days before chipping.


Of course, not face is complete without a lip colour! But, if you’re going somewhere hot, your lipsticks and balms may melt. I recommend taking a  lip liner in a nude/pink colour like this Max Factor Elixir Lip. This is so versatile for all outfits and there’s nothing stopping you from colour in your whole lip with it! It’s less bulky and less likely to melt.


Finally, a product that might surprise you. I have recently been conducting research into B12 vitamins. I struggle with energy at the end of the day. When on city breaks, it can be hard to stop and rest. So, I decided to try out these vitamins to see if they help to give me a natural boost. I’m not a doctor, so you would have to seek advice first, but these are so affordable, I thought it couldn’t hurt to try.

Happy Holidays!

*Items were gifted from but selected by myself. All views are my own.



  1. I am currently using L.A. Girl, Pro.Conceal and it is the best, covers up all of my dark circles flawlessly. Gonna check out all the other items you mentioned, thanks 🙂


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