Project Lip Review

Project Lip is a new, Manchester based lip plumping primer from Haych Cosmetics. Launched in  August of 2017 after years of perfecting, the Matte Plumping Primer is hydrating, cruelty free and vegan friendly!

In comparison to similar brands, it’s a steal at £12.95 and it certainly tingles more than your high street plumping lipgloss. It’s applied in three easy steps;

  1. Prime
  2. Activate
  3. Plump

I have relatively small, thin lips, so I couldn’t wait to try. Firstly, I applied the balm and rubbed my lips together (activating the unique natural tingle ingredient). It definitely tingled right away! I could feel it all over, tip – don’t touch your lips with your tongue!

This photograph is before and 5 minutes after. As you can see, there is little difference in terms of their plumpness. However, the tingle sensation does encourage you to naturally pout. I had to restrain myself for the photograph! So, this does help improve the overall fullness of your lips. It was quite strong and lasted for much longer after I’d taken the photograph. But, it was so smooth, hydrating and I loved that it looked natural.

The second time I used the product, I reapplied after a minute of activating. This definately started to show more of a result. once you feel it tingle, you wait, then reapply. 

The third time I tried the product, I kept applying every minute, for 5minutes and this was the result:

So, my advice is to definitely keep reapplying as long as you’re adjusted to sensation! I found it much more bareble this third time and it didn’t feel as uncomfortable as the first. I’ll definitely be using this product on nights out, as you can keep applying.

This picture shows before, during and after I have removed the product. As you can see, the lips are alot pinker (I haven’t applied any colour or other lip products!)

I love that this is a UK, intact, Northwest brand! It’s reasonably priced, unisex and vegan friendly. 


  1. You can definitely see the difference, I love that it’s subtle, have you tried any lipstick over it afterwards? I was wondering how it would look with lipstick or lip gloss ☺️ x


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