Jelly Belly Hand Sanitizers 

So everyone’s heard of Jelly Belly right? Known for their unique flavours of jelly bean and an especially fun BeanBoozled game! 
I always use a Blueberry Jelly Belly car air freshener (it’s the best scent in my opinion!) But now, there’s a new product to add to their range. A hand sanitizer. A simple, yet effective product. It’s currently available in three scents, Bubblegum, Cherry and Blueberry (I have sampled the two latter). The smell is exactly the same as the car and candle scents, if you’ve previously used them. They are vibrant and sweet smelling, not like your regular hand sanitizers that leave you feeling sticky and smelling clinical. 

Naturally, they’re shaped as a jelly bean, with a push release of spray. They hold 15ml each and kill 99% of germs. They’re perfect for on the go and I even used one as a car spray! What a lovely, fun, gift idea for a modern society that’s is constantly having to de-germ! I know as a teacher, I use them all the time and it’s refreshing to have an attractive product that smells just as good! 


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