Dollibox August review

Dollibox always give a great mix of known and unknown brands. They tend to have the biggest variety of beauty products in co parison to similar boxes. For example, this is the first box I’ve received eyelashes in!

Meow lashes are supposed to be durable enough for up to 24 wears! They’re exactly my kind of flash lash, a strip, with a thicker, fanned out end. If I’m going to apply lashes, I want them to be emphasised, if I wanted a natural look, I wouldn’t bother!

Dollibox appear to be listening to customer reviews because they included another fabulous sheet mask from BioAqua. Worth £4.00, this mask is egg based. I know, egg yolk doesn’t sound appealing does it? But, similar to their snail mask, this has a cult following. They promise to moisturise and renew your skin. I put it in the fridge first to help it cool down my skin. My rosscea has particularly flared up in this heat. It was quite a watery mask, but I don’t mind this, as it means it doesn’t dry out. After removal, I was able to use the excess product to moisturise into my skin. It fitted nicely around my face, except for the lip area which was weirdly thin! 
Space masks have made another appearance! They have previously been too hot for my sensitive skin. But, I was still giddy to get another! They’ve had such good reviews, I’m determined to make them work for me. I found folding the eye mask in half didn’t over heat my face.

Aura clean deodorant paste from Awake Organics smells beautiful. Again, I’ve been hesitant to use these types of deodorants, but they’re definitely becoming more prominent in the beauty market. It certainly smells more appealing than other brands, so this encouraged me to sample it. In the summer months, I like the drying effect of a spray deodorant, but I don’t particularly like the thought of pasting deodorant into this area! Therefore, the concept works for clean, dry skin, but definitely not for an on the go top up. Full size, this costs £17.99, but is currently on sale for £12.99 (30ml) via their website.

Finally, a cream blush and bronzer palette. Sadly, I already own this product! So, I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t another shade from their range. However, I can vouch for how good this product is. The variety of shades help to contour, but I’ve also used them as an eyeshadow/ eye shadow primer. Everyone loves a multi use product right?

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