Dollibox July Review 

This month had a definately Kbeauty / Kawaii theme! Korean beauty have their own subscription boxes, but they can often be expensive to import. 

So, this panda🐼 sillisponge set the tone right. I’m not a fan of sillisponge, but this one was soften that the one I’d previously purchased. I digressed from my usual oppinion, because well, I always want to give Dollibox a good review. The sponges are good for zero absorption of product and easy cleaning. But, I find that they just move my liquid foundation around my skin. I end up have to go over it with a brush anyway. Apparently, theses sponges ironically work better when they have a little product build up – go figure. So I’ve committed to using it all week, to see if I can be converted. 

The ultimate goody was the BioAqua sheet mask. A brand they’ve used before, but this was a seaweed mask with an adorable mermaid design. The design was sturdy and the mask well moisturised, it fitted well over my face. Annoyingly, this mask irritated my sensitive skin. But I know how good these masks and this brand is that I just can’t be negative. So I’m putting g it down to the containment of hyaluronic acid which is supposed to help with fine lines. My skin is temperamental, I now know to avoid seaweed, despite it’s cleansing qualities.

They provided a cute BB cream, that was a little too dark for me, but perfect for my mum. It smelt very sweet and it made me think of candyfloss! 

Another Seacret product was included, but this time in the form of bath salts. I love the natural balance it creates with you skin’s moisture level. It contains so many minerals that help to detox your body. 

Similarly, the body oil from Buff Up, helps to lock in moisture and hydrate the skin. Only a small amount is needed, as it covers a large area. I like to use a tanning not to apply, as I feel like it exfoliates a little at the same time, plus it means my hands aren’t covered in oil! 

I loved the Yanqina Maxi Black liquid eyeliner. I used to use gel liners, but for the past 6 months switched back to liquid. I like their precision and this liner is not exception to that. It applys smoothly and lasts all day. Unlike alot of liquid eyeliners, this point is thin, which allows you to play around with the shape alot more. I was able to get into the smaller creases of my eye. 

Despite not being able to use a couple of the products, I loved this box. I loved the theme in particular. 6 full sized products might I add! 

Buy your August box here

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