Time2 Lip Balm with tassels!

It’s time to balm up! I stumbled across this amazing American brand of lip care products on Instagram. Time2 (@time2world) offers a range of lip balms, scrubs and plumpers.

Each product is branded with a different ‘Time2’, for example, Time2 Inspire, Time2 Flaunt. For this reason, they make a great gift as you can match to different personalities. Or, of course just buy multiple for your self!


But, the best bit is they come with tassles! And they’re just so pretty! They come with a clip so that you can attach to your bag, keyring, lanyard, Id badge or if you’d prefer, buy the non tassled version!

I purchased 4 as gifts from the classic range; watermelon, strawberry&banana, caramel and pistachio, complete with tassles for $5.50 ($3.60 without tassles).

In addition, I bought an Icy Peach ($7.50)for myself. This has an added lip tingling ingredient which encourages stimulation, plumping your lips! It’s not too strong, so you can apply regularly and it smells delishious! They contain cocoa butter, Shea butter, aloe vera and coconut oil, great natural ingredients.

With bag charms beginning all the rage and lips becoming dehydrated in the heat, then this product is perfect! ($5 international shipping).


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