Dollibox June review 

I always look forward to my Dollibox arriving, because most (if not all) of the items are a surprise. Usually, they’re from lesser known brands too. 

This month, I loved getting a mermaid makeup brush! I love the design and any brush is welcome in my collection. 

I also received a liquid concealer from Popfeel. This comes in 11 shades, I was lucky to get a paler shade to match my skin tone. However, I would have liked to try the green or purple colour corrector shades that seem to me taking the beauty blending market by storm! Due to my redness prone skin, a green concealer may be something I’m more likely to invest in. 

Having said that, the product has a nice feel and an attractive packaging. It catches the light, to give it a high definition finish. So it can be used for contouring and highlighting alike. (RRP £2.79)

The perfect pout lip balm, in Blissful bubblegum was a nice addition to my handbag. With a sweet fragrance and a moisturising texture. (RRP £2.50)

I will use my wax melt from WaxMelt bakery, even though I usually go for more floral scents. This rhubarb and custard scent really reminded me of the sweets! It definately ignited the cravings! (RRP £1.30)

Seacret made a double appearence this month with a travel sized shea butter hand cream(full size £29.99), that smells divine. It’s a more luxurious brand, which is reflected in the price. But if the hand cream is anything like their facewipes, then it’s worth it! 

Finally, Palmers gave a full sized 30spf with Shea butter and coconut oil (RRP £9.99) As we approach the summer, I can see why this product that would be included. However, many of the subscription boxes are offering similar products, so I was a little disappointed to receive an SPF again. There is conciliation in the fact it is a reputable brand, but next month I’d prefer more makeup please! 

Additionally, Seacret including a further sample and I received a very cute Emery board (some subscribers were lucky enough to get tweezers!)

Dollibox IS always good value for money at £10(+pp) Subscribe here! 


  1. Nice review.. I have never subscribed to any beauty boxes ever. I believe there are some subscription boxes available here in Philippines but these don’t excite me as much that are available in US or UK.

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  2. The mermaid brush is so cute, and the concealer sounds like it would come in useful! You commented on my blog asking about the Rimmel nude liner, I use it in my waterline, it’s great for making your eyes look bigger and brighter 🙂 xx

    Velvet Blush

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