Which makeup applicator do you use?

I’ve been on a hunt for the best applicator for a series of weeks now.

So far I’ve tested;

  •  Sillisponge (silicon sponge, £2.50, eBay)
  • Real Techniques bold metals triangular foundation blending brush (Boots £22.00)
  • Babi Bear Beauty sponge (£2.95, Dollibox)
  • Beauty Blender sponge (£1.49, Home Bargains)
  • Ecotools foundation brush (£9.99)

I can honestly say, I don’t understand the sillisponge craze. It moved my makeup around in a thick, uneven layer. I had to use my brush over it so that it wasn’t just sat on my skin. Yes, it doesn’t absorb anything, but it also doesn’t blend effectively!

The Real Techniques bold metals collection is undeniably attractive. They have been my preferred brush brand for some time now. They blend and smooth foundation well, but do absorb some of the product, that seems impossible to wash out! Therefore, are costly to replace regularly.

Alternatively, the Eco tools brush is a cheaper alternative and made from natural materials. Again, a fabulous brush at an effective price – it just isn’t as shiny as the Bold Metals! ECO TOOL

Thanks to Babi Bear, I have returned to using sponges. This was by far the best blender/applicator out of the sample. It’s an attractive design and I like the simple hold on the back, which helps you to work into different angles. I received a full sized  a sponge through my Dollibox subscription (which is one of the best and cheapest out there!) My only complaint with Babi Bear, is that I can’t seem to find a stockist, website or Instagram page! Can any one help?

The Home Bargains beauty sponge was exceptionally soft on my skin and was a good second alternative to the Babi Bear. But, I felt it absorbed more product and as a result, didn’t blend as well.

All in all, I think I’ve been converted away from brushes and back to sponges – but definitely not a sillisponge!

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