Dollibox May 

This month’s Dollibox brought a hoard of new brands to my doorstep. I love that they collaborated with Etsy designer Deborella to create mermaid jewelry!

Although I usually opt for earings (Deborella have a shell pair I have my eye on!), a necklace fits all and I love the uniqueness of it’s design. It’s laser cut, bright and magical!

Here’s to having more independent designers in future boxes!

I was made up to also receive an eye brow product. Us scousers need to keep on trend in this market! So CleverCat by Lightinthebox was a welcome treat.  However, the colours were a little similar to each other and both were quite dark. So I’m not sure this allows for much  a blending  But when applied, I didn’t need to use too much product – so atleast they’ll last! The leopard print packaging is cute too and it’s in a compact style casing.

The Seacret dead sea face wipes first appeared to be a regular white facewipe, with an amicable fragrance, but nothing particularly unique.  However! The after effects was that my skin was smooth, dare I say exfoliated?! I have sensitive skin but the wipe wasn’t too abrasive at all. They removed even my mascara without much force and being packed full on minerals was an added bonus.

Further more, Focallure provide a multi use product – blusher/eyeshadow etc and Cougar by Paula Dunne provide a 50ml honey moisturiser. The smell is great and I like the pump feature – no fiddling with a screw lid whilst your hands are covered in product! I’ll definitely be repurchasing this. It’s a good size for travel and your handbag.

£13.95 per month (including shipping) 



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